Printing an Expense Report


Certify provides a printer-friendly version of your expense reports should you prefer to keep hard copies. This article shows you how to use the Print Report feature. 

Step 1: On your account homepage, select the option under My Expense Reports that contains the expense report.

Step 2: Click the Name of the expense report you would like to print.

Step 3: Select Print Report, located below the Summary section. If the expense report is currently located in your Drafts folder, the Print Report option will be located below Submit for Approval link. 

Step 4: You may now print the report using the browser print functionality. Click the checkboxes to Include receipt images and/or Include analysis chart. Additionally, you may select the options Export to Excel or View as PDF.

Please Note: If the expense report contains PDF images, we recommend printing from the View as PDF option. 

Please Note: For expenses with currency conversion, the Print view will also note original and converted currencies for reference.


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  • Avatar
    Jenya Highman

    Is there any way to print report in more compact view? Default layout for view in pdf is landscape, and report end up being 20+ pages if there are a lot of receipts.

  • Avatar
    Andrew McFarland

    Hello Jenya, due to the wide nature of the expense report grids, Landscape Mode is the ideal printing layout for our reports. If you do not need to print out the receipt images, you can deselect the "Include Receipt Images" option at the top of the print report page. Additionally, deselecting the "Include Analysis Chart" will cut down on the size of the report. - Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Tressie Escamilla

    What is the best report to print receipt images to attach to our QuickBooks invoices? Can we print multiple receipts per page? The Print to PDF is a landscape view and provides numerous pages with lots of blank space.

  • Avatar
    Andrew McFarland

    Hello Tressie,

    Other than using the Print Report option, you can also print receipts using the "Expenses with Receipts" report, which is located on your Analytics page. Expenses with Receipts report will allow you to search for specific expenses using several parameters and view the receipt images as well, located at the bottom of the report.

    Your Certify Support Team

  • Avatar
    Paula Keating

    Is there a way I can remove the weeks and also details on the PDF reports when you download. It would be good to just have the Expense Comments , financials and receipts on a more compacted report.

  • Avatar
    Kaley O'Hara

    Hi Paula, We are unable to customize the print report page to remove information. However, if you would like to pare down the report, you can export to Excel and remove lines items as you wish.
    - Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Annette Paden

    Is there a way to get the GL codes to print on the report details?

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Richardson

    Hi Annette, at this time the GL codes do not appear on the print report. We recommend using the analytic report titled Expense Detail Review. This report provides GL codes.

    -Certify Support