Creating a Personal Expense


Occasionally, a user may use their corporate credit card for a non-business related expense. Personal Expenses are expenses for which the user should not be reimbursed. This article shows you how to report a Single Personal Expense, and how to use the Split Expense function to report a personal expense. 

Single Expense

Step 1: On your account homepage, create a new expense report or open an existing Draft expense report.


Step 2: Select the Name of the report you want to open. 

Step 3: Open an existing expense by clicking the edit icon next to the expense line. Create a new expense by selecting Add next to a receipt from My Certify Wallet or use the Add Expense box. 

Step 4: If you added a new receipt, select the edit icon or Cleanup Wizard to enter applicable details.

Step 5: Select the Personal Expense Category from the dropdown menu. Then, enter or edit the remaining expense data fields. Click Save.

Please Note: Your company may have a different naming convention for their Personal Expense categories. 

Step 6:  The expense report totals will now display Total Personal. A non-reimbursable personal expense will be calculated as a negative reimbursable expense.

Split Expense

Step 1: Open the Other Actions menu of the expense you would like to split, and select Split Expense.

Step 2: Select the Personal Expense Category. Enter the amount you would like to split out as a personal expense amount. The split amount will be subtracted from the full, original expense amount.

Step 3: Click Save to add the split expense to your expense report.


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