Resetting a User's Security Questions


Certify Administrators have the ability to quickly reset a user's security questions as needed. This article shows you how, as a Certify Administrator, you can reset a user's security questions.

Step 1: On your homepage, select Configuration. On the next page, select View and Edit Users

Step 2: On the View and Edit Users page, enter search parameters to find a specific user or group of users. To see a list of all users, leave all fields blank and click Submit.

Step 3: To open the User Details page, click the edit (pencil) icon next to the user's Status.

Step 4: On the Edit User page, select Reset This User's Security Questions.

Step 5: A popup will ask you to confirm that you would like to reset this user's security questions. Click Yes to continue.  

The next time the user logs into Certify, the user will be prompted to select and answer new security questions.

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