Installing Certify Mobile - iPhone


The Certify Mobile app is a great way to add receipts and expenses to your Certify Wallet. This article shows you how to install the Certify Mobile app on your iPhone or iPad device. 

Step 1: Open the App Store.

Step 2: Tap the Search icon and enter Certify Mobile.

Step 3: The Certify Mobile app is free to download. Tap Get next to the Certify Mobile icon. 

Step 4: Enter your Apple ID password. If you need assistance with this password, you will need contact Apple Support.

Step 5: Once the app has finished installing, the Certify Mobile icon will be available. Tap the app icon to open Certify Mobile. 

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  • Avatar
    Mark Percival

    not at all

  • Avatar
    Tyler Christian

    Hello Mark,

    I just sent you an email to see how I can help better assist you.

    Happy to help!
    Your Certify Support Team

  • Avatar
    Jomo Thomas

    I need my company login

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Richardson

    Hi Jomo,

    We will follow up with you via email to provide you with your company login information.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Sheryl Pritchard

    I cant login to the mobile app - when I click get access token it just hangs on my phone. Please can you help

  • Avatar
    Steve Revesz

    Hello Sheryl,

    We will follow up with you via email to provide you with your "Company Code" so you can obtain your access token and login to Certify Mobile.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Greg Gallese

    Not helpful at all. Tried everything to login to the mobile app, including my company (Vonage) SSO and my company email address, nothing works.

  • Avatar
    Jillian McLeod-Tardiff

    Hello Greg,
    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble logging in to Certify Mobile. I'll reach out via email to provide more info.
    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Thomas Cunningham

    Worked perfectly!

  • Avatar
    Faustino Galan

    What is my company code?

  • Avatar
    Allison Dickey

    Hello Faustino,

    I have reached out to you via email.

    Certify Support