Certify Mobile Single Sign-On


Some companies have enabled Certify Single Sign-On for their users. Single sign-on allows users to maintain one username and password for access to the company’s applications, business tools, communication resources, etc. Certify has extended the single sign-on feature to our mobile app, Certify Mobile. This article shows you how to configure single sign-on on Certify Mobile.

Step 1: To begin configuring single sign-on, tap Use my Company Login on your Certify Mobile homescreen.


Step 2: Enter your company code and tap Get Access Token. The company code can be obtained from your company's Certify Administrator. 


Step 3: Enter your company's single sign-on credentials. This is the username and password that you use to access other applications and tools in your company.

Step 4: After entering your single sign-on credentials, you will be returned to the Certify Mobile homescreen, where you can save your Access Token.


Step 5: After saving your Access Token, you will be able to log into Certify Mobile using your company's single sign-on credentials.


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