Billable and Reimbursable Status


When adding an expense to your expense report, you are given the option to classify each expense as Billable or Non-Billable, and Reimbursable or Non-Reimbursable. This article shows you when you should classify an expense as billable and/or reimbursable.

Billable - An expense should be classified as billable if it needs to be paid by a third party, such as an outside client or vendor

Non-Billable - If the expense does not involve a third party or outside vendor, the expense should not be classified as billable

Reimbursable - An expense should be classified as reimbursable if it is something a user paid out of pocket and needs to be reimbursed by the company; any expenses charged to a personal credit card should be classified as reimbursable

Non-Reimbursable - An expense is classified as non-reimbursable if the user does not expect to be reimbursed; anything charged on a company credit card should be classified as non-reimbursable

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    Elaine Hennessy

    Hi is it possible to have separate schedules for credit card expenses (non-reimbursable) and cash expenses (reimbursable).. I want to set up a schedule to remind the users to submit their company credit card expenses on a certain schedule to reconcile with their card statement but want their cash expenses kept entirely separate, we pay cash expenses twice monthly so I would like a schedule or automatic reminder for this too?
    Thanks, Elaine

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    Allison Dickey

    Hello Elaine,

    We have reached out to you through email to gather more information.

    Certify Support

  • Avatar

    Was there any luck on the seperate cash vs. company paid expenses?

  • Avatar
    Candice Camfferman

    Hello Dylan,

    I will follow up with you via email.

    -Certify Support

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    Corey Angarola

    Is there a way to set the default status to non-reimbursable?

  • Avatar
    Jillian McLeod-Tardiff

    Hi Corey!
    The reimbursable status on user-created expenses is a "learned" behavior in Certify. I will follow up via email to provide more info.
    -Certify Support

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    Amanda Ressler

    If an expense is loaded via Company Credit Card import, is it possible to select reimbursable?

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    Steve Revesz

    Hi Amanda,
    Yes, it is possible. There is a setting in Certify that Administrators can turn off called "Read-Only Credit Card Expenses". When this setting is turned off, users can mark a company credit card expense as reimbursable.
    -Certify Support