General Ledger Dimensions


General Ledger Dimensions (GLDs) are customizable fields that Certify Administrators can add to expense reports or user profiles. These can help to better organize records or collect custom expense data for your company. This article describes the three different types of GLDs. Select the links for configuration information for a specific type of GLD.

Employee General Ledger Dimensions (GLDs) are assigned to users by a Certify Administrator, and cannot be edited by the user; these help to group and sort expenses by groups of users; employee GLDs are visible under My Account and the Certify Administrator's Edit User page

Expense Report General Ledger Dimensions - Expense Report GLDs add a field for users to complete when they create an expense; users must select a value from a prefilled search or dropdown menu; expense Report GLDs are useful for tracking expenses billable to a particular project or client 

Expense Level Free-Text General Ledger Dimensions - Free-text GLDs add a field for users to complete when creating an expense; users must enter freeform text or numbers; free-text GLDs are useful for tracking additional information that is not necessarily needed for accounting purposes  



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