Create New Users


A Certify account is required in order to create and submit expense reports. This article shows you how, as a Certify Administrator, you can create new users. 

To open the Create New Users page, select the gear icon, and then select Create New Users.


Create a New User

Step 1: Enter the details for the new user.

Please Note: Bold fields are required. 


If you do not want users to be notified that a Certify Account has been created for them yet, click the Do not send a Welcome E-mail checkbox.

Step 2: Select Add New User if you would like to create additional users. 

Step 3: Click Next to create the new user(s). 


User Bulk Upload Tool

Step 1: To create multiple users at once, select bulk user upload tool.


Step 2:  Enter a line item for each new user you want to create, following the template on the screen. The format for each line item should be Email Address,First Name,Last Name,Employee ID,Employee Type,Department,Approver E-mail/Employee ID,Approval Limit,Accountant E-mail/Employee ID,2nd Approver E-mail/Employee ID,Commute Distance,Commute Distance Miles or Kilometers


Step 3: Click Add These Users to generate a line for each user below the text box. Edit the details if needed. 


Step 4: Click Next to create the users.

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