Create New Users


A Certify account is required in order to create and submit expense reports. This article shows you how, as a Certify Administrator, you can create new users. 

To open the Create New Users page, select Configuration, and then select Create New Users.

Create a New User

Step 1: Enter the details for the new user.

Please Note: Bold fields are required. 


If you do not want users to be notified that a Certify Account has been created for them yet, click the Do not send a Welcome E-mail checkbox.

Step 2: Select Add New User if you would like to create additional users. 

Step 3: Click Next to create the new user(s). 


User Bulk Upload Tool

Step 1: To create multiple users at once, select bulk user upload tool.


Step 2:  Enter a line item for each new user you want to create, following the template on the screen. The format for each line item should be Email Address,First Name,Last Name,Employee ID,Employee Type,Department,Approver E-mail/Employee ID,Approval Limit,Accountant E-mail/Employee ID,2nd Approver E-mail/Employee ID,Commute Distance,Commute Distance Miles or Kilometers


Step 3: Click Add These Users to generate a line for each user below the text box. Edit the details if needed. 


Step 4: Click Next to create the users.

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  • Avatar
    Tony M. Mintrup

    We don't have 2nd approver, but I am receiving this message "Please enter a valid 2nd Approver email address" when I click next. I added "2nd Approver Email" as shown above but am still getting the error message.

  • Avatar
    Andrew McFarland

    Hi Tony!

    2nd Approver field is optional when creating a new user. Having said this, if a second approver is needed, a valid email address must be entered. It should follow a standard email format, such as ""

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Tony M. Mintrup

    I should have clarified that I receive the message "Please enter a valid 2nd Approver email address" when using the bulk user upload tool. I tried not including an email address, and I tried entering "2nd Approver Email" just to have something besides a blank inbetween the commas, but I still received the error message and could not use the bulk user upload tool unless I had a valid email address populated.

  • Avatar
    Allison Dickey

    Hi Tony,

    If there is no second level approver, you can enter ",," with no spaces in between the commas, for the second level approver email address.

    Certify Support