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Each user in Certify has a settings page where their approval workflow and account information is managed. This article shows you, a Certify Administrator, how to search for a user, as well as how to view and edit user settings.

To open the Edit User page, select the gear icon, and then select View and Edit Users


Edit Users

Step 1: Enter search parameters to find a specific user or group of users. To see a list of all users, leave all fields blank and click Submit.

Step 2: On the View and Edit Users page, click the edit (pencil) icon next to the user's name to open the User Details page.


Step 3: Under User Details, edit the user's account settings as needed. Bold fields are required. 


Employee Details - On the left of the page, you can edit the user's name, email address, email address status (if Certify has ever received a returned email, this will note as Failed Delivery - Do Not Send), employee ID, default currency, commute distance, role, and department; you may also designate a user to have Certify Administrative rights by clicking the checkbox, or add an Administrative Note that can be viewed by accountants while processing expense reports.

  • Employee: someone who creates and submits their expense reports.
  • Manager: someone who creates and submits their own expense reports, and also approves others.
  • Executive: someone who creates and submits their own expense reports, and also approves others. Executives also have enhanced reporting access.
  • Accountant: The Accountant completes the final processing of expense reports. They have all reporting access.
  • Full Administrator: has complete access to all settings in the Configuration tab.
  • User Administrator: only has access to view/edit user profiles in the Configuration tab, though they cannot use the "Switch to this User" function

Treasurer: If your company is using ACH, the Treasurer is permission to reimburse reports and use that feature. 

Employee General Ledger Dimensions: These will show here based on anything you've entered on the General Ledger Dimensions page, like an Office Location. 

Locked Approval - On the right side of the page, you may edit a user's Approver, Second Level Approver and/or Accountant if your company is using the locked approval workflow

Security Reset - You can reset a user's password from the Edit User page by selecting the links on the right side of the page; please note that when you reset a user's password through the Edit User page, Certify will NOT send an automated email to the user; select Resend This User's Welcome Email to resend the automated Certify Welcome Email to the user

Control Account - Certify Administrators may masquerade as another user to view and take actions in their account; select Switch to This User to masquerade as the user; to switch back to your own account, click the current user drop-down menu and select your own name

Step 4: Click Next to save your changes. 


Deactivate Users

Step 1: Search for and open the employee's Edit User page. 

Step 2: Under Account Status, select Disabled.


Step 3: Click Next to save your changes. 

Please Note: Disabled users will no longer be able to access their Certify accounts, however, all of their user records will remain intact. If you are signed up for per-user pricing, disabled users will also be removed from your monthly Certify invoice.

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