Bulk Processing Expense Reports


As an internal Certify Accountant, you will receive an email advising you that an expense report has been submitted for processing. This article shows you how to review and process more than one expense report at a time. 

Step 1: On your account homepage, select the number of items under Processing Requests


Step 2: To select multiple expense reports for bulk processing, choose from the following parameters:

  • Without Policy Violations - This option allows you to select all approved expense reports that are compliant with your company's T&E policy.
  • Regardless of Policy Violations - This option allows you to select all approved expense reports, including expense reports with pending inquiries.
  • Less Than… - This option allows you to select all approved expense reports with a report total below a specific amount. If you choose this option, enter the specific amount in the field provided, then choose the currency for that amount.
  • Show Expense Types - This option displays a symbol for each expense type included in the expense reports; click Show Expense Types to see each of the expense types available, and select those that you want to see. 


Step 3: Select all of the expense reports to process, then click Process Expense Reports.


Step 4: Review the expense reports you would like to process. Click Next


Step 5: Select a processing date for the listed expense reports. Click Next


Step 6: Confirm that the expense reports listed should be processed on the selected date. Click Next


Step 7: You will see a confirmation that the expense reports have now been processed. To view an Accounts Payable Report for the processed expense reports, select View Accounts Payable Report for This Expense Report under Batch Report Data.


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