Setting an Individual ReportExecutive Schedule


If your Certify Administrator has granted you permission to create your own ReportExecutive schedule, you can access the schedule customization menu in your Certify account. This article shows you how to set up your own ReportExecutive schedule.

Step 1: On your account homepage, select Configure ReportExecutive.


Step 2: On the next page, under Certify ReportExecutive Schedule, click one of the listed scheduling options. If you do not want ReportExecutive to build your expense report for you, select No schedule, disable ReportExecutive.

Step 3: Under Automatic Expense Report Buffer Days, enter the number of days you would like as a buffer period. The buffer period allows time for corporate credit card expenses to be automatically imported to your Certify Wallet to prevent duplicate expenses. Any receipts and expenses within this buffer period will NOT be included in the current expense report, but will be held for the next one.

Step 4: Under Notifications and Reminders, click the checkbox for each email notification you would like to receive. The notification Build Expense Reports Automatically is required and should stay enabled at all times. The remaining notifications are optional, based on your preferences. Click Save.

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  • Avatar
    Claire Deschepper

    Hello, how do I know whether I have ReportExecutive installed please? can I find that somewhere in my account? Many thanks.

  • Avatar
    Kamara McGlorn

    Hello Claire,

    Within the ReportExecutive box on your homepage, it will provide you with a date it will run, instead of telling you ReportExecutive is off.

    - Certify Support