Accountant's Other Actions Menu


When you are reviewing an expense report, there are several actions you can take under the Other Actions menu. This article shows you how to use the actions available in the Other Actions menu.  

Step 1: On your account homepage, select the number of items under My Processing Requests.

Step 2: On the next page, you will see a list of the expense reports awaiting your approval. To view a specific expense report, click an Employee name or the view (document) icon under Action. This will open the expense report in a new browser window.  


Step 3: To access the Other Actions menu, click the arrow (>) under Approval. Actions in the Other Actions menu include:

Add Note - Add a note to a specific expense line

Inquire Ask the submitter a question about an expense and/or allow the submitter to edit the expense

Add Bank Fee – Add a bank fee for any currency conversion charges

Split Expense – Split a portion of an expense into a different category or department

Disapprove – Disapprove the expense line

Edit Expense – Edit any of the expense details in an expense line

Edit Reim. Amount - Edit the reimbursable amount of the expense line

Send to Wallet - send this expense back to the submitter's Wallet. 

To use an action in the Other Actions menu, select the action name. Complete the fields under that item as needed and save.

If you have Certify Administrative rights, you may also have the option to delete an expense line in the Other Actions menu:

Delete Expense - Permanently remove an expense line from the expense report


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  • Avatar
    Laura Delgado

    As the accountant, how can I edit an amount. What I am running into is that Certify is only picking up the amount of a meal receipt without the tip. I need to add the tip to the expense.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Richardson

    Hello Laura,

    The amount can be edited by selecting Edit Expense from the Other Actions menu.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Rose Notman

    I need to edit an expense after it was approved and processed, i am an accountant level approver and admin, I was notified after the fact that the employee coded an expense to the wrong general ledger demension we use for tradeshows, can i change that at all?

  • Avatar
    Tyler Christian


    As an Accountant, if you contact Certify Support and give us the approval code we can unprocess reports. Once we unprocess the report it will go back into the Accountant's processing queue. I'll reach out via email to get the approval code.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Lisa Cipolla

    Hi Tyler,

    I have the same issue as Rose. Can you please email me as well with the information you need so I can get a report unprocessed?

    Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Laura Ramage

    Hi Lisa,

    I will follow up via email to get specific information from you.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar

    Can the accountant roll add an additional approver after approval by the employees manager?

  • Avatar
    Jillian McLeod-Tardiff

    Users with administrative permissions can update approval paths. I'll reach out via email to provide more info.
    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Tiffany Smith

    Jillian I have the same question. Once an expense report gets to the accountant, can the accountant send for additional approval?

  • Avatar
    Mychal Ferrante

    Hello Tiffany,

    The Accountant will be the last person in the approval path. Any additional levels of approval, will need to be set prior to the accountant. I will reach out to you via email for any additional questions you may have!

    -Certify Support