Editing an Expense in a Draft Report


If you need to make changes to an expense, but you have already added it to an expense report, you can edit it directly from the expense report.

This article shows you how to edit an expense in a draft expense report.

Step 1: On your Certify account homepage, select Drafts.


Step 2: On the My Expense Reports page, select the Name of the expense report you want to open.


Step 3: Click the Edit icon under the Expense column next to the expense line you want to edit. This opens the Edit Expense box below the expense report.


Step 4: In the Edit Expense section, make edits to the expense data as needed. Bold fields are required.


Step 5: To change or add a receipt image to the expense line, click Change to open My Certify Wallet.


Step 6: Click Select to open a receipt image from My Certify Wallet.


Step 7: When you have finished adding a receipt image and/or editing the expense line, click Save to update the expense line with your changes.


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