Replying to an Inquiry


Managers can send an Inquiry on an expense line if they have a question about an expense, or if an expense needs to be edited. If an inquiry is sent by your manager, you will receive an email. This article shows you how to reply to a pending expense inquiry. 

Step 1: When you log into your Certify account, you will be automatically prompted to address any pending inquiries. If you go past this screen, you can open a pending inquiry by clicking the red exclamation mark under My Expense Reports, next to Pending Approval.

Step 2: Select the Open icon. 


Step 3: Review the inquiry, and enter a Reply in the field provided. Your manager may have also granted you permission to edit the expense or change a receipt as needed:

  • To attach a receipt to this expense, select Select Receipt


  • To change a receipt already attached to this expense, select Change Receipt
  • To add a secondary attachment or receipt to this expense, select Add Image


In your Certify Wallet, select the new/secondary/correct receipt, then click Use this Receipt.


Step 4: When you have finished entering your reply, click Submit Reply to send your response back to your manager. The expense report will then automatically be resubmitted for approval.

Please Note: If using Add Image to attach a secondary receipt or attachment to an expense line, the Receipt Viewer will still display the original receipt only. 


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  • Avatar
    Kendra Warne

    What about changing a receipt? Or adding a receipt? A training document for these would be helpful!

  • Avatar
    Steve Revesz

    Hello Kendra,
    Step 3 of this article addresses how to Select or Change a receipt in an inquiry. After opening the Inquiry, select Change Receipt or Select Receipt below the text box. In your Certify Wallet, select the correct receipt, then click Use this Receipt. The correct receipt will show in the Receipt Image box.
    -Certify Support

  • Avatar

    there doesn't seem to be way of replacing a receipt with 'map it' for mileage

  • Avatar
    Candice Camfferman

    Hello Perry,

    The MapIt! function can not be used in an inquiry. An expense report will need to be disapproved and returned to the submitter's draft folder for the MapIt! function to be available.

    -Certify Support