Emailing Receipts


Email is a quick and convenient method for adding receipts and expenses to your Certify Wallet. When email with receipt attachments or expense data is sent to, the receipt or expense data will be automatically parsed and added to your Certify Wallet. You can email receipts from your computer's email service, or from a mobile device with email capabilities. If you are sending receipts from alternate email addresses, you may Add an Additional Email Address to your Certify account. This article shows you how to email receipts and expenses to your Certify Wallet. 

Step 1: Create a new email using your company email service. In the To field, enter In the Subject line, enter the receipt name. Alternatively, if a vendor has emailed you a receipt, you can forward the emailed receipt to 

Step 2: Attach your receipts to the email. Any number of receipts may be attached, however, the total size of the email (including any text and signatures) must be under 4 MB. Certify will accept all popular image file types such as jpg, gif, bmp, pdf, tiff, etc. Click Send.

When Certify receives the email with your receipt or expense data, the data is automatically parsed and added to your Certify Wallet. If you would like to review the receipts or expenses that were added to your Certify Wallet, log into your Certify account to view your Wallet.


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  • Avatar
    Marydith Palazo

    I noticed for 2 weeks now that receipts emailed to Certify are appearing twice in the Wallet and I now have to go in and delete duplicate receipts. I've not had this issue before. Can you please advise.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Richardson

    Hello Marydith, the second receipt is your signature as well as other information. You will need to delete the signature image as well as the other information that is not related to the expense before you forward to data@certify to refrain from it becoming a receipt image in your Certify Wallet.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Neil Corbin

    What is the difference between data@certify vs receipts@certify?

    Does data@certify also create an expense whereas receipts@certify is solely for receipts only?

  • Avatar
    Drew Patterson

    Hello Neil,

    Thank you for contacting Certify Support. Both and function the same, allowing for receipts to be sent and uploaded to Certify.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Yuliya Heckert

    How admins can email receipts to the on behalf of the delegated users and to make sure that receipt it's being emailed to the correct delegated user certify wallet. Each Admin has at least 3-4 managers. Thank you

  • Avatar
    Tyler Christian

    Hello Yuliya,

    Thank you for reaching out to Certify Support.

    As an Admin and delegate user, you have the capability to add receipt images to their Certify Wallets and then send the receipts to another user's account for which they have delegate user access. See the link below for additional help.

    Certify Support

  • Avatar

    Hi - Can you tell me how long (range of time) it takes for an emailed receipt to appear in a user's wallet?

  • Avatar
    Scott Schwartz

    emailed receipts not showing up?

  • Avatar
    Andrew McFarland

    Hello Jessica and Scott!

    Jessica, emailed receipts typically take about 2-3 minutes to import, depending on current server load. If you are not seeing the receipt after this amount of time, please send an email to and we will investigate further!

    Scott, I'll follow up shortly via email with more information.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Kelsy Jones

    I and another employee of mine are also having this issue!!!

  • Avatar
    Kimberly Glenn

    Hello Kelsy,

    Thank you for contacting Certify Support. We have followed up with an email so we can determine why email receipts were not appearing in your Wallet.

    -Certify Support