Attaching Receipts Using the Link Receipts Wizard


Certify offers a convenient method for attaching receipt images from your Certify Wallet to expense lines using the Link Receipts Wizard. This article shows you how to use the Link Receipts Wizard

Step 1: On your account homepage, under My Expense Reports, click Drafts

Step 2: Select the expense report you would like to open by clicking the expense report Name.

Step 3: Launch the Link Receipts Wizard by selecting Link Receipts above the expense report.  

Step 4: The Link Receipts Wizard displays the expense lines without an attached receipt in the left window, and the first receipt image in your Certify Wallet in the right window. To attach the receipt displayed on the right to one or more of the expense lines displayed on the left, click the checkbox next to the expense line.  To open the next receipt image, click Next. To save your changes, click Finish.

Please Note: if a credit card transaction was expensed in a different currency, the Link Receipts Wizard will show the original amount (if available) to better match the receipt. 

Step 5: A receipt icon in the Receipt column confirms that the receipt is attached to the expense line.

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  • Avatar
    Caroline Holt

    do you have to hit finish after linking each one? Can't the computer compare the amounts in the receipts and automatically link them to the credit card payments?

  • Avatar
    Laura Ramage

    Hi Caroline,

    If you are linking multiple receipts, you can click "Next" after each one, and click "Finish" to complete the process. I will also follow up via email.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Michelle Cavanagh

    How do you attach the same receipt to multiple certify lines that are each a separate credit card transaction. For example, booking a flight with fees, the credit card shows flight and fees separately but the Certify travel receipt is just one receipt with both lines.

  • Avatar
    Laura Ramage


    To attach one receipt to multiple expenses, you will check off each expense needed for the one image using this Link Receipts feature. I will also follow up via email with more information.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Jenn Compton

    One of our executives needs to match a receipt to a transaction after currency adjustment so the amounts didn't match. Does he need to do anything differently for that type of transaction?