Uploading Receipts


Uploading receipt images from your computer is a quick and convenient method for adding receipts to your My Certify Wallet. Image uploads can be up to 10 MB in size. You can choose to upload one at a time, or add multiple receipt images at once.

This article shows you how to upload receipts to your My Certify Wallet from your computer.

Step 1: On your Certify account homepage, under Add Receipts, click Upload.


Step 2: On the Add Receipts and Expenses page, select Choose Files.


Step 3: Select the receipt images from your computer. Click Open once you have selected all the receipt images you want to upload.

Best Practice: Windows users can select multiple images at once by pressing the CTRL key and selecting each file.


Step 4: The number of receipt images selected is indicated next to Choose Files. Click Upload Files to add the receipt images to your My Certify Wallet.


The receipts have now been added to your My Certify Wallet. Uploaded receipts display the Upload icon in the Source column.

The Upload feature uses ReceiptParse, which scans the receipt image and can pre-populate the Vendor, Category/Details and Amount fields for you. If you need to make additions or edits to those fields, you can manually change them using the Edit Item button.


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    Uploaded receipts don't match credit card charges.

  • Avatar
    Jillian McLeod-Tardiff

    Hi Daniel,

    Your receipts and credit card charges (expenses) must share a date and dollar amount to be able to merge in your Wallet or on a Draft. You can edit the information on your receipts if needed. I'll reach out via email to provide more information.

    -Your Certify Support Team

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Marino

    I'm having the same issue - charges once uploaded don't match receipt.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Richardson

    Hi Stephanie,

    The receipt will need to have the same date and amount as the charge in order for the two to merge together. You can update the date and amount of the receipt in the Certify Wallet. This Help Center article can assist you with the process: https://help.certify.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005260847-Editing-Receipts-Expenses-in-the-Wallet

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Brandon Palmer

    I have uploaded a PDF that is clear when I view it and when I had initially uploaded the file to my expense report I could view it. Now when I return to view the status of my expense report the view is not clear and I can't figure out why or what happened. Everything on Certify leads one to believe the file format is accepted.

  • Avatar
    Laura Ramage

    Hi Brandon,
    This sounds like there may be an issue with the PDF reader within your browser. I'll reach out via email to provide more information.

    -Your Certify Support Team

  • Avatar
    Jason King

    Do you have to wait until the credit card transaction appears in your wallet before uploading the receipt? Also, at what point after submitting an expense report can you delete old expenses from your wallet?

  • Avatar
    Tyler Christian


    You can upload receipts at any time. Once you've uploaded them they will go into your Certify Wallet and stay there until you transfer them to an Expense Report. Furthermore, I would recommend deleting expenses from your Certify Wallet after an Expense Report has been reimbursed. I will follow up via email to answer any other questions.

    -Certify Support

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    I entered a split expense report into Certify and uploaded 1 receipt document (3 Pages) to this same expense report and submitted it for approval, this expense is only showing that I have 1 receipt attached to my expense report (3 pages) however there are two lines items on the expense report that total the 1 receipt.
    Now that it has been sent to my Office Leader for approval I can't seem to recall it and upload another receipt for that line item. Can you help?

  • Avatar
    Kimberly Glenn

    Hello Brittne,

    When you split an expense, the two dashed lines indicate to the approver that the expenses are connected, but that the receipt is applicable to the expense.

    It appears that your Approver has already opened the expense report, meaning you will need to email them and ask them to disapprove the expense report so you can make the necessary edits.

    I will follow up via email with more information!
    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Gregory Homer

    I need to upload an old receipt how do I do that?

  • Avatar
    Jillian McLeod-Tardiff

    Hi Gregory,
    You can upload any image file directly from your computer using the instructions in the article above. I will reach out via email with more information.
    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Susan Fogle

    How do I add a receipt to an expense report after it has been approved?

  • Avatar
    Mychal Ferrante

    Hello Susan,
    The report would need to have an inquiry sent to the user who submitted the report, which would allow these changes to be made. They could also disapprove the report to allow changes to be made. I will reach out via email with more information.
    -Certify Support