Requesting Sales Tax Exempt Status for Certify Now!

A line item on monthly invoices will appear for Certify Now! customers, displaying their headquarter location's sales tax rate. If your company is tax-exempt for particular rates, Certify administrators can follow the below process to register your exempt status with Certify. 

Please Note: Tax-exempt companies typically include organizations that are classified as one of the following: nonprofit, charitable, religious, education, government, medical, or resale.

Requesting Tax Exempt Status During Sign Up

Customers transitioning from free trial users to paying Certify Now! customers will need to fill in a form on the Sign Up page. They will see this page automatically once the free trial period ends. To request tax-exempt status, administrators need to check the Tax Exempt Status checkbox and provide the company’s tax ID



Requesting Tax Exempt Status as an Existing Customer

Existing customers can use the Company and Accounting Contact Information page to request a tax exemption.

1. Click the Gear icon at the top right of the Certify home page. 

2. Open the View and Edit Contact Information link under Travel Links and Information.


2. Check the Tax Exempt Status checkbox and populate the Tax ID field.

Please Note: Certify will need a Tax Identification Number to be shared before any tax exemptions are approved. 

Submitting Tax Exemption Documentation

To approve an exemption, Certify will also need exemption documentation, provided by the relevant jurisdiction/city/state/national authority. After checking the box and providing your company’s Tax ID, administrators need to send this documentation to After the Tax Exempt Status checkbox is checked and submitted, administrators at your company will receive an email notification to send the documentation to Certify.

If your tax exemption is back-dated and you need a credit for previous charges, please outline these in your email to

After submitting documentation,  our Tax Team reviews your exemption request.

If approved, administrators at your company will receive a notification email informing you of which tax rates your company is now exempt from.

If rejected, a member of our Tax Team will reach out with more information. 

Checking the Status of an Exemption Request

Administrators can check the status of an exemption request by visiting the Company and Accounting Contact Information page. If the Tax Exempt Status checkbox is checked, an exemption request is pending with Certify. 

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