Downloading the Sage x3 Connector

Certify offers an integration with Sage x3 software called the Sage EM Connector tool.

This article will show you, a Certify Administrator/Treasurer, how to download the Sage EM Connector.

1. Download the Sage EM Connector .zip file by following this link:

2. The Download page appears. After a few seconds, the Sage EM Connector automatically begins to download. If the file doesn't begin to download automatically, click the Download button.


3. Once the download is complete, go to the bottom bar and double-click the .zip file.


4. The .zip file downloads to your computer. Before opening, extract the files.


Please Note: Your system may pop-up a warning, however this file is safe to download and run.

5. Once unzipped, the package includes a folder named Sage EM Connector. Double-click the SageEMConnector.exe file to begin the setup process.


Please Note: Regardless of where the files are saved, make sure both files are in the same folder before running.

For further instruction on configuring the Sage EM Connector, click here.






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