Synchronizing Certify to Sage x3

Certify offers an integration with Sage x3 software called the Sage EM Connector tool.

After downloading and configuring the Sage EM Connector tool, you're ready to sync. This article will show you, a Certify Administrator/Treasurer, how to synchronize your company's processed expense reports from Certify to your installation of Sage x3

1. On the Certify Sage EM connector, click the Synchronize Certify to Sage SEM button.


2. The Synchronize to Sage EM popup appears. To choose which expense reports to synchronize, select the View Expense Report Info link. If you want to sync all reports, rather than pick and choose individual reports, skip this section and move on to Step 3.


Once you select the View Expense Report Info link, the Sync List opens. Choose which reports to include in the synchronization by marking the checkbox next to the report.


To view the details of the expense report, go to the View column and click the Magnifying glass icon.


Click Save to save the changes to the expense reports to sync.


3. In the Synchronize to Sage EM window, click Synchronize to complete the data transfer from Certify to Sage EM.


The screen shows the expense report(s) that were successfully synced into Sage EM.








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