Activating the Amazon Business Integration

Certify has teamed up with Amazon Business to automatically import receipts into a user’s wallet after each Amazon purchase. This synchronization ensures that every Amazon transaction has a receipt attached automatically, significantly improving the reconciliation process.

Because the transaction data is coming directly from Amazon, a receipt will automatically be created for each purchase, and will automatically merge with the credit card transaction once it imports to the user’s Wallet.

The receipt will import to the user who purchased the item, regardless of which credit card was used.,

This article shows you, a Certify Administrator how to activate the Amazon Business Integration.

To enable the Amazon Business integration, contact your Customer Success Manager.

1. Once enabled, you can link your company’s Amazon Business account by going to Configuration and selecting Amazon Business Integration.

The Administrator connecting the two accounts must also be the Amazon Business Account Administrator.


2. You will then be asked to connect your Amazon Business account.


3. You will then be redirected to an Amazon login screen to authenticate.


4.The Administrator connecting the two accounts must also be the Amazon Business Account Administrator. Confirm you are the Business Account Administrator for Amazon by checking your Amazon Profile for the Administrator label.  


5. You will then need to allow Emburse to access specific details of your company's Amazon Business account.


6. Once you select Allow, you will be brought back to Certify and the integration will be complete. The connection status will display as “Connected” and you will have the option to disconnect the integration if needed.

The integration process only needs to be completed once per company. End users do not need to take any action to enable the integration.


With the accounts connected, any Amazon Business user at the company will automatically receive an Amazon Business receipt anytime they purchase an item through their company’s Amazon Business account.

The receipt will automatically appear in the user’s Wallet with the Amazon Business logo in the Source column.


The PDF receipt will contain the order number, the line item descriptions, and the payment information.


If the Amazon purchase is delivered in multiple shipments, a receipt will be generated each time the user’s credit card is swiped, ensuring that there will be a one to one relationship between each Amazon credit card transaction and each Amazon receipt image.

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