Registering the Intacct Sage Connector

Certify offers an integration with Sage Intacct using the Sage Intacct Connector tool. The Connector is an API-based bidirectional sync. The sync imports user, department and entity data into Certify, and exports expense reports into Sage Intacct

After installing the connector, Administrators must register the Emburse Certify application within Sage Intacct. 

1. Select the Emburse Certify Application from the Intacct Applications menu.  

Please Note: The application should be registered to the top-level Entity.

2. Click Registration and fill in the following information on the registration screen:


  • Certify API URL – Intacct automatically provides the API URL. If the URL is removed, enter to re-establish the connection.
  • Client ID/Client Secret –Please refer to this guide on how to obtain an API Key and Secret. Enter the API Key in the Client ID field, and the API Secret in the Client Secret field.
  • Integration Endpoint -- The URL used by Intacct to register with the integration service. Leave the default value unless advised otherwise by a Support Representative.
  • License Key -- This will be provided by a Certify representative.
  • Intacct Web User/Password -- Enter the previously created  Web Service User credentials. Please refer to our Intacct Installation Guide for more information on how to create Web Service Users.

3. Click the Register button when the form is complete. 

Intacct will contact the integration service, register the Certify integration details, and enable the integration scheduler.  Any registration errors are displayed in the information panel. If the license appears previously registered, the registration details will be updated. 

Please Note: This may be necessary if advised by a Support Representative that registration details need to be amended.


Complete implementation by Configuring the Sage Intacct Connector.


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