Processing Certify Expense Reports using NetSuite Sync

Once expense reports have gone through the normal approval process and workflow, the reports become available to sync. The sync from Certify to NetSuite is on-demand and in real-time. This means, once you process the report it is immediately exported into NetSuite.

This article will show you, a Certify Administrator/Accountant, how to use the NetSuite sync to process expense reports from Certify.

1. On your Certify Admin homepage, click Netsuite Sync


Please Note: The red number indicates the number of reports awaiting processing.

2. The NetSuite Synchronization page opens. This screen shows a list of expense reports available for processing. Click the checkbox next to the report(s) you want to process. Then, click Synchronize Reports to send them to NetSuite for processing.


Please NoteIf you want to process expense reports outside of NetSuite, click the Mark Reports as Synced button. When you use this option, the report is removed from your processing queue, but it is not exported (synced) to NetSuite.


3. Once you click Synchronize Reports, the synchronization process begins. The sync occurs in real-time. A green progress bar indicates the reports are syncing.


Information on this page includes:

  • Report Name: The name of the expense report given by the submitter.
  • Approval Code: Each report gets a unique code from Certify for tracking purposes. This code appears in NetSuite in the Document Number column as Certify: XX.
  • Status Message: The Status Message informs you if the report was exported successfully, or if there are any errors that must be corrected before the report can be successfully sent to NetSuite.

Once you receive Success in the Status Message, you can open your NetSuite app and view successfully synced expense reports.

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