Creating an Expense Report on Certify Mobile

Certify allows you to create, edit, and submit an expense report right from the Certify Mobile app. This article shows you how to create an expense report and submit it for approval using Certify Mobile.

1. After adding Receipts and/or Expenses, tap Auto Expense Report on the Certify Mobile homescreen.



2. On the next screen, select from the options provided. 



 3. On the next screen, complete all of the bolded fields. Click Next.



4. On the next screen, review the number of receipts included in the expense report you are creating. Tap Finish to generate a new expense report.



5. On the next screen, you can review the draft expense report and add any expenses as necessary by using the Link Receipts Wizard, the Cleanup Wizard, or by manually entering individual expenses. If you have no further edits to make, tap Submit for Approval.



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