Uber Receipt Integration

This article explains how to add Certify Expense Integration to your Uber Business Profile.

1. Open the Uber app and tap the Menu icon. 


2. In the Menu item list, tap Wallet.


3. Select Start using Uber for business


4. This next step is different depending on if you use an Android or an iPhone:

  • Android: Click Ride for Business.
  • iPhone: Click Create an Individual Account.


5. Enter your email address, and tap Next.

Your email address will need to match the email you use to log in to Certify.


6. Enter in the payment information for the card you'd like to use. Click Next when complete.


7. Choose if you'd like to get your travel reports weekly or monthly. Then, click Next.


8. Select Certify. Then, click Complete.



9. Uber will send an email confirmation for you to confirm the email address that links to Certify.

Going forward, any trips requested under your Uber Business Profile, will automatically have your receipts forwarded to your Certify Wallet. Click Done to complete.

Uber will only send Certify a receipt when you tip the driver. If you don't tip, Uber will send the receipt to your Certify wallet after an 11 hour grace period. If you tip outside of the 11 hour window, you can expect to receive two receipts; one with a tip and one without.




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