Adding Groups of Meal Attendees through Certify Mobile

The Meal Attendee Groups feature enables you to add multiple detailed meal attendees at once, instead of adding each meal attendee individually.

After adding Meal Attendee Groups to your Certify account, you can add one or more of those groups to a Meal expense in Certify Mobile. This document shows you how to add groups of meal attendees to a Meal expense in Certify Mobile.

1. On your Certify Mobile app home screen, tap Add Expense.


2. Tap the Category drop-down menu and select Meals.


3. To add a group of Meal Attendees, tap the Group button that appears.


4. On the Add Group screen, to search for a specific group, enter the group name in the Search field and tap Find.


5. The name of the group appears below. Tap the name to add all the attendees in this group to the expense.


View All Groups

To view all the groups saved to your Certify account, on the Add Group screen, tap Find without entering a group name in the search field.


All the groups from the meal attendee list in your Certify account appear. Tap the name of a group to add all the attendees in that group to this expense.


The attendees in the group you chose appear on the meal expense.




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