Enabling the TravelPerk Integration

Certify has partnered with TravelPerk to automate receipt import for travel purchases made through the TravelPerk platform.

This article shows Certify Administrators how to enable the TravelPerk integration for their company’s Certify account.

Please Note: Only transactions purchased via credit card will import into Certify. Transactions invoiced to the company monthly will not import as a receipt into Certify.

1. Log into TravelPerk as an administrator.


2. Click Account Settings, then select Integrations.


3. Locate the Emburse Certify tile and select Set Up



4. Click Enable to connect TravelPerk with Emburse Certify.



5. The site redirects to the Certify login page to authorize the application.

Please Note: Only Certify Administrators can enable the TravelPerk integration.


6. After successful authentication, Administrators must finalize the authorization in TravelPerk.



7. Once Authorized, the Emburse Certify integration will show as Active on the Integrations page.



Going forward, any purchase made with a credit card on TravelPerk automatically feeds a receipt to the traveler’s Certify Wallet.

The traveler can either add the receipt to an expense report or wait until a credit card integration imports the expense. The TravelPerk receipt automatically merges with the credit card transaction in the Wallet.

Any receipt imported from the TravelPerk integration shows the TravelPerk logo in the Source column.




For Administrators, the Receipt Source column on the Expenses with Receipts report, or any Custom Reports, will reference TravelPerk as well.


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