Paying AP Invoices with B2B Payments

Emburse B2B PaymentsB offers a third-party payment option of Virtual Card in addition to Checks and ACH. Additionally, pay invoices directly through the AP site by going to the B2B Payments section,  eliminating the need to sync data back into the Certify Expense reimbursements queue. 

A user with both the Treasurer permission in Certify Expense and the Accounting Review permission in Certify AP will be granted access to the B2B Payments menu in AP so they can complete the payment method.

For further information on Emburse B2B Payments, visit the Emburse Pay Help Center.

This article will show you how to pay AP Invoices using B2B Payments.

1. On your Certify AP dashboard, select the Configurations tab. 

2. Under Catalog Management, click Manage Vendors.

3. Click the name of a vendor who requires banking information.


On the Edit Vendor page, a new Payment Method section appears.


4. Enter the vendor's information and click Save.

Please Note: The vendor's bank address must be in the same country as the vendor's default currency.

Repeat the above steps to add banking information for every vendor who should be paid through B2B Payments (whether through direct deposit or by check).

Process and Pay

1. To Process and Pay invoices using Certify Payments, first open the Approvals, then select Accounting Review.

2. Click an Invoice you'd like to process.


3. After reviewing the invoice and approving all line items, click Process. The Invoice now appears under the Invoices in Emburse Pay tile on the AP dashboard. 

For more information on paying invoices with Emburse Pay, click here

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