Allocating Line Items in Certify AP

Certify AP enables you to allocate the cost of line items across multiple DepartmentsGLs, and/or Projects.

This article shows you, a Certify AP Submitter, how to allocate a line item.

1. To allocate a line item, click the Allocation icon.


2. In the Actions section, enter the number of allocations you wish to add. Then, click the plus icon. 


  • Click the Split Evenly # Ways to split the line item's cost evenly between the first DepartmentGL Account, and Project and the second DepartmentGL Account, and Project.
  • A second row appears in the table.


3. Click Edit to change the quantityamount, or percentage allocated to each DepartmentGL, and Project.


4. The Percentage fields become editable. Enter the new percentages in both rows.


5. To see the new Allocations Totals and Remainder to be Allocated after you add an allocation, click Update.


The QuantityAmountPercentage columns show the allocation remainders. 

Please Note: Certify AP adjusts quantityamounts, and percentages as necessary for uneven amounts.

Because the QuantityAmount, and Percentage fields are related to each other, new percentages change the Quantity and Amount field.


6. If you often allocate a line item's quantity and cost to certain DepartmentsGL Accounts, or Projects, you can save the allocations. To save an allocation after creating it, enter a name for this allocation and click Save.


7. The next time you open this page, the saved allocation is available to apply to the new line item. Select the allocation from the Saved Allocation section.


8. Click OK.


9. The saved allocation areas, QuantityAmount, and Percentage appear on the new line item.


10. After adding all necessary allocations to a line item, click Update.

Please NoteMake sure the Allocation Totals row shows the same quantity and amount as the original line item, and the percentage column shows 100%. Also make sure the Remainder to be Allocated shows dashes, which mean none.


11. Click Save.


12. After you've saved the allocation, click Show/Hide Allocations under the line item to view your allocations for each line item.


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