Managing Invoices in your Certify Wallet

The Certify Wallet is where all invoices are stored before they are added to an invoice report. This article shows you how to manage your invoices in the Certify Wallet.

1. Open the Certify Wallet by clicking on the number of items.


2. Options in your Wallet:

View Invoices - View a specific invoice image by clicking the image in the Receipt column. The invoice will appear in a new window.


View Invoice Details - View and expand invoice details by clicking on the arrow next to the category name.


  • Delete an Invoice- Delete an invoice by selecting the invoice and clicking Delete at the bottom. 
Once an invoice is deleted, it cannot be recovered without uploading again.
  • Send an Invoice to Another User -  If you are a delegate user for someone else, select the invoice(s) and click Send Items. You will select the person's name on the next screen.
  • Refresh - Refresh your wallet at any time using the icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Upload More Invoices - Use the upload icon in the upper right-hand corner to upload more invoices directly to your wallet.

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