Release Notes: May 21, 2021


Issue Emburse Cards through Pre-Approval


Clients can now issue virtual and physical Emburse Cards to their employees through the Pre-Approval "spend Request" process!

Clients who have connected their Emburse Cards program to Certify will now have the option to add funds to an Emburse Card when submitting their Spend Requests.

On the Spend Request creation page, users will be able to choose from 3 options:

  • Add funds on a new virtual card
  • Add funds on a plastic card
  • Reuse an existing virtual card

When creating the spend request, the user can specify which line items should be added to the Emburse Card.


Any line items which are applied to an Emburse Card will show a card icon next to the amount, signifying those funds will be added to an Emburse Card, if approved.


Once the Spend Request is submitted, the request will be routed to the user's approvers, mirroring the same approval path as a typical expense report.

In addition to approving the Spend Request, Approvers will have the added task of defining how long the submitter will be able to access the funds on the Emburse Card.

By default, the funds will be available through the end date of the Spend Request, but any approver can adjust this by changing the "Valid Through" date during approval.


Whereas a typical Spend Request does not require an "Accountant" to complete the request, any Spend Request which includes a card request will require an Accountant to review and complete the request (before the funds are transferred to the user).

Once all applicable levels of approval have been satisfied, the Spend Request will be sent to the submitter's Accountant for final approval.

After the Accountant has completed the request, the submitter will be sent an email with their new virtual card, which will be ready for use immediately.


If the user selected a Physical Card, it will be shipped within 3-5 business days.

With the card in hand (or virtual wallet!), users can make their purchases, provided they stay within the budgets of the Spend Request. If a user attempts to spend more than what was approved, the transaction will be declined at the point of sale!

From here, the typical expense reporting process will continue. Emburse Card transactions will automatically import to the user's Certify Wallet, which can be added to an expense report.

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