Release Notes: April 30, 2021


Submission Requirement - Submitter must Enter ACH Information before Submitting Expenses


A new submission requirement has been added which, when enabled, prevents users from submitting reimbursable expenses if they do not have ACH information on file.

Users will be free to submit non-reimbursable expenses (such as company credit card expenses) regardless for their ACH status.

Users who attempt to submit reimbursable expenses without ACH information entered will be greeted with a message when attempting to submit their expense report, and will be blocked from submitting the report until ACH information has been saved to their profile.

This setting is available on the View and Edit Policy page, under the Submission Requirements section.

Please Note: Clients who are not utilizing Certify Payments will not have access to this setting.


Custom Report Builder - New Columns


Two new columns have been added to the Custom Report Builder, Receipt Source and Payment Status.

Receipt Source indicates the method in which a receipt was added to a user's Certify account. This would include "Mobile", "Email", "Upload", or "Fax". Additionally, if the receipt imported from our TripLog integration, the source would indicate "TripLog".

Payment Status indicates the current status of the user's reimbursement. This data is provided from our partners at Western union, and includes statuses such as "In Process", "Released", "Returned", and "Rejected".

Please Note: The Payment Status column is only available for clients utilizing Certify Payments through Western Union. Clients using Certify Payments through Payroll Experts will not see a Payment status column.

ACH Reimbursement History Report Enhancements

Similar to the Custom Report Builder, the same column Payment Status has been added to the ACH Reimbursement History Report. Much like the Custom Report Builder, this column is only available to clients using Western Union as their payment provider.

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