Release Notes: April 23, 2021


Unprocessing Expense Reports


Any Administrator who is also an Accountant now has the ability to unprocess expense reports. Once a report is unprocessed, it is returned to the Accountant's Processing Requests Queue. From here, the report can be disapproved, edited, or reprocessed.

The Accountant can unprocess a report by opening the report in question and clicking Unprocess Report.


Once selected, the Accountant will see a confirmation message, warning them of potential pitfalls of unprocessing reports.



When a report is processed, it is more than likely exported to another system, such as an ERP or Payroll system. If an expense report is unprocessed and then reprocessed, it is possible the report will be duplicated in the user's connected systems. For that reason, Certify recommends deleting the expense report data from any connected systems after unprocessing the report.

For further information, take a look at our Help Center article on Unprocessing Expense Reports.

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