Emburse Analytics, B2B Payments, and More


Certify is part of Emburse. Emburse offers a variety of features that help with expense tracking, spend management, and credit card reimbursement. 

An example of a feature available to Certify customers is Emburse Analytics. Emburse Analytics provides an in-depth look at business analytics, allows you to build custom reports, as well as organize your company data more efficiently.

The video below explains more about the Emburse Analytics Spend Dashboard: 

More information about Emburse Analytics can be found in the Emburse Analytics Help Center

Emburse continues to innovate and release even more solutions for different needs across our platforms. Think of them as extra tools and systems that you can use both in sync with, and next to, Certify. 

For how-to's on all of Emburse's products, visit our Emburse Help Centers page dedicated to all of Emburse's products.

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