Release Notes: March 12, 2021


The New Certify Navigation Experience


The new Certify navigation experience is currently available to all users in preview mode. As Certify continues to add more products and solutions under the Certify and Emburse umbrella, our goal is to unify the navigation experience across all products. A consistent look and feel across all products means a lower barrier to entry for Administrators and less training for end users.

Preview mode will last for approximately a month, where users can toggle between the old and new experiences while they adapt to the new navigation. Users can expect the new experience to become permanent in Mid-April.

Users can access the new experience by navigating to the bottom of their homepage and selecting Try it now.

Analytics and Reporting


Analytics and Reporting have moved to the side navigation menu and been renamed Reporting. Users will continue to have access to the same reports and data as before.

App Switcher


The App Switcher will contain links to any other applications that a user has access to, such as Travel, Certify AP, or Emburse Analytics. Access to these applications has not changed, and users will still need the necessary permissions to access these applications.

Support and Configuration


Users can access the Support page by clicking the help icon. Additionally, any system Administrators will see a settings icon, which will open the Configuration page.

User Menu


The User Menu will contain:

  • The user’s Delegates
  • The Manage Delegates page, to grant delegate access to other users.
  • Account Settings (My Account, Email Notifications, ReportExecutive preferences, etc.)
  • Logout

Travel and Expense Policy


Finally, a user could previously access their company’s T&E policy through the Travel tab. In an effort to make this important document more accessible, we’ve moved this option to the home screen. Making your company’s travel policy more visible means more compliance and cost savings for the company, as well as fewer rejected reports!

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