AP Release Notes: February 10, 2021


Invoice Capture Enhancements

In this release we promoted new code to handle a number of edge cases that were delaying invoices from getting to customers. This occurred because they required manual intervention by internal staff. Enhancements were made that address duplicate invoice handling, invalid PO numbers as well as vendor mismatches due to client data containing duplicate vendors.

Now rather than requiring manual intervention, these issues are dealt with immediately and through automation, reducing the delay to clients from hours to seconds. Improvements were also made to the internal error emails we send to aid Customer Support and Implementation in their troubleshooting if needed. We also made improvements to bug fixes for decimal precision in accounting review, invoice number character restrictions, and file processing for better file organization.

Minor Changes

Configuration 1099 Vendors


On completion of the new 1099 vendor feature, a new field was added to the vendor upload in the Setup Utility. Now we’ve updated the data upload template so this is accounted for. Administrators may now bulk update their vendors for the 1099 flag easily.

Configuration User Data Fields

This provides administrators with the ability to update certain fields that have previously been restricted in deference to the user sync. Admins may now update all the user data fields that are not directly affected by the sync, such as title, phone, extension, and fax.


Configuration - AIA Rules

A new feature has been added to the Automated Invoice Assignment (AIA) rules management page. Now when users that are assigned to rules have their permissions altered in a way that makes them eligible for AIA or are deactivated, we modify the AIA rules management page so administrators can easily see where rules have become unassigned and take action.


Admin Site - Add Licenses

As we continue to evolve our billing and licensing models, we have added a link back into the internal Admin Site for license management. At this time the link will only be exposed to specific personnel for maintenance as needed.


Invoice Accounting Review - Change Dept Messaging

In an effort to improve the invoice accounting review experience, we have updated the messaging an accounting reviewer receives when changing departments. The new messaging makes it more readily apparent that changing departments will force a disapproval and return to submitter for a new approval chain to be generated and budgets to be recalculated.


GL Accounts - Allow Duplicates

A change has been made to the GL Account management page to now allow duplicates for either GL account numbers and/or name. Previously, we restricted the ability to have multiple accounts with the same name or number, but recently have had a number of clients in this situation that require this ability. In addition we were allowing this behavior in the bulk upload via the Setup Utility so this brought better parity to expected results.

Bug Fix Notes



CAP-4020 | Submit Invoice page:/Invoices/CreateInvoice.aspx: The columns are not aligned in the Select Invoice tables

The UI on the create invoice page needed some minor adjustment to align all the columns and rows properly between the personal, unassigned and AIA queues. This has been corrected.

CAP-4203 | Invoice Accounting Review: Unable to disapprove invoice.

A small number of clients were having approval issues with a few invoices pending accounting review. This has been corrected.

CAP-4048 | ImportBuilderStep2.aspx: Make 1099 Vendor Field Required

The 1099 vendor field was added to the bulk upload in the Setup Utility but was made optional when it should be required for all vendors. This has been corrected.

CAP-4146 | Custom Dimensions doesn't apply for new allocations 

Custom Dimensions were not applying correctly for new allocations from Saved Allocations. This has been corrected.

CAP-4091 | Create invoice: GL account numbers is missing for the footers

In the footers for an invoice on the enter invoice page the GL account names were being displayed but not the account numbers. This has been corrected.

CAP-3925 | CEB: Unable to export AP Offset in Debit-Credit field

In the Custom Export Builder teh AP Offset feature was not applied when Debit/Credit fields were added on those rows. This has been corrected.

CAP-3879 | CDim - not applying when you use "Allocate Entire Invoice" option

When using the Allocate Entire Invoice option on the enter invoice page Custom Dimensions would not save properly when returning from the allocation page. This has been corrected.

CAP-4027 | Approval Inbox Detail: Line Item Approval Comments window not closing after Save&close

When adding approval comments in the Approval Inbox detail page the comment window should automatically close on click of the Save & Close button. However clients would have to use the X to close the window instead. This has been corrected.

CAP-4034 | AIA : Bill to Address1/2 and Contains Comparator Not Working

In the Custom Export Builder when columns were being added for Bill To Address 1 or Bill To Address 2 and the Contains comparator was used they columns would not calculate properly. This has been corrected.

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