Release Notes: January 8, 2021


Emburse Receipt Transcription


Emburse Receipt Transcription is Certify’s new OCR service, which extracts applicable data points from the receipt image and automatically populates the relevant expense fields. Developed by our parent company, Emburse, Emburse Receipt Transcription combines the best technologies from Certify and our six sister business units to create best in class OCR technology.

Emburse Receipt Transcription (ERT) is now fully rolled out to all clients. ERT will extract data from any receipt which is added to Certify via the Mobile App, email, or desktop upload.

Reimbursement Queue Filtration


Filters have been added to the Reimbursement Queue, which gives clients with multiple Treasurers the flexibility to focus on only the expense and invoice reports they are responsible for.

The queue can be filtered by any active Employee GLD value. If necessary, multiple GLD values from one or several Employee GLD fields can be selected.


When a filter is applied, the Treasurer will see the applicable reports, as well as a count of how many reports they can currently see.

The filters will persist for each user, meaning each user will see their selected filters when they return to the page.

Campbell Travel Receipt Integration

Mutual clients of Campbell Travel and Certify will now enjoy automatic import of their travel invoices to their Certify Wallet.


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