Release Notes: December 11, 2020


Email Subaddressing


Certify now supports subaddressing, where Administrators can create user accounts using an email subaddress.

Subaddressing is when a tag is added to an email address, to create an alias that is also delivered to the original delivery address. For example, the email address is a subaddress of Any message sent to will be sent to the inbox. This allows Robbie to create multiple valid email addresses which all funnel to his primary inbox.

This functionality offers several useful applications in Certify, including, but not limited to:

Extended Delegates: Users who need access to multiple accounts across multiple instances can now use subaddresses for the additional instances. The user will continue to receive email notifications for both Certify accounts, and will not need to manage a second inbox.

Sandbox Accounts: Administrators who want to test new features in a sandbox instance can use a subaddress to access the sandbox, while still receiving email notifications necessary for testing.

Complex Approval Paths: Does the Administrator want to be the first approver of an expense report, but also the Accountant? The Administrator could use a subaddress as the first approver, ensuring they see the expense report twice and are notified twice as well.

Please Note: While Certify may support subaddressing, not all email servers support it. Please check with your IT team to verify your company's email client supports subaddressing. 



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