AP Release Notes: December 10, 2020


1099 Vendors

1099 Vendors may be set up individually for a vendor by vendor approach, or in bulk making use of the Certify AP Setup Utilities in the Configuration module.

To begin, we have added a new option on the Add/Edit Vendor page that allows you to mark a vendor as 1099 or not. When vendors are set to true for the 1099 option they will display in chosen reports as well as in the exported invoice data to help clients easily identify the 1099 vendor spend as well as mark it as such in their AP packages or ERP systems.

Add/Edit Vendor Form - 1099 Option


Setup Utilities - 1099 Vendors

Another method for updating a vendor’s 1099 status is using the Setup Utilities available in the Configuration module. This allows you to make the changes in bulk, a considerably faster process from the Add/Edit vendor screen. To access the Setup Utilities you must be a Root Level Administrator. After logging in click on the Configuration tab and then click on the Setup Utilities link in the lower left hand corner of the page.


Once in the Setup Utilities you will proceed with the Vendor upload just as you do for any other bulk vendor updates or additions.

Click the Start Import button. If you need a data upload template you may download a blank template right from this page as well by selecting Data Import Template.


From there choose the Vendors upload option and then click the Choose File button and navigate and select your data upload file.


Once you completed the other preferences you are ready to map your data by clicking the Continue button. Now you are ready to map your file data fields to the Certify AP application data fields. If you are using the Certify AP Data Upload Template we provide you can do this simply by clicking the Auto-Map button.


The Data Import Template contains a new column for 1099 Vendor and is populated using a Y or N to identify if a vendor is 1099 or not respectively.


Now you just follow the Setup Utility steps to complete the process and your vendors are all set in bulk.

Custom Export Builder - 1099 Vendors

Now that your vendors are identified as 1099 or not you will continue to transact with them as you have been. The next part of the 1099 Vendors process is that we will identify invoice spend as 1099 or not in the export if needed. We accomplish this by the addition of a new export column named 1099 Vendor and is available in the Vendor section of the Data Field column type.


Once the column is added to your export template it will output to any export files generated with a Y or an N to identify the vendor’s 1099 status. This column can be used to map the status to an available data point in your AP package or ERP system as needed.


Reporting - 1099 Vendors

The final component of the new 1099 Vendors feature was the addition of the 1099 data to two reports in the application. These reports will allow you to readily identify and export aggregated vendor spend and separate 1099 from non-1099 spend. This is done using the Spending Report with the Vendor option selected. The Spending Report will allow you to break down and aggregate the spend by date and department as well as consolidate for child departments or not and then export that data to Excel for easy analysis or manipulation.

So to begin navigate to the Reporting tab and then click on the Spending Report link.


Once in the report proceed with setting your parameters and click the Run button.


Now that you have run the report you may easily export it to Excel by clicking the Export to Microsoft Excel link.


In addition to the Spending Report we have also added a new column to the Company Dat Report on the Vendors option. This allows you to easily delivery and export a report that identifies which vendors are configured for 1099 reporting and which are not. This report will also be a valuable data point when using the Setup Utilities for bulk vendor changes.



Also you again export this data to Excel for any analysis or manipulation needs that you have simply by clicking the Export to Microsoft Excel link.


If you need assistance with the new 1099 Vendors feature please contact Certify AP Customer Support at purchasingsupport@certify.com.

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