Restricting Projects by Department in AP


Certify AP enables companies to assign projects to certain departments. Some companies may wish to restrict some projects to certain departments.

To enable these restrictions, use each department's list of assigned projects. When a department is not assigned to a project, employees in that department cannot use that project. 

This article shows you, a Certify AP employee with the Configure Budgets permission, how to assign projects to departments.

Step 1: On your Certify AP account homepage, click Budgeting.


Step 2: On the Budgeting page, under GL Accounts, select Department/Project Restrictions.


The Associate Projects to Departments page displays the company's projects on the left.


Assigning Projects to Departments

This page contains three sections:

  1. Select Projects to assign
  2. Check selections
  3. Check Departments to assign selections to


The Select Projects to assign section lists all your company's projects.

Step 1: To assign a project to a certain department, select the project's name in the Select projects section and click Add.


The project's name appears in the Check selections section.


Step 2: To see all departments you can assign this project to, in the Check Departments to assign selections to section, click the plus icon to see all departments.


Step 3: To assign this project to certain department(s), in the Check Departments to assign selections to section, mark the checkbox next to all departments that you want to be able to view and charge to this project and click Save Associations.


Step 4: Click OK to confirm the assignments.


To restrict other projects to certain departments, repeat steps 1-4 above.

Editing Project Restrictions

Step 1: On the Assign Projects to Departments page, under Select Projects to assign, select the name of the project and click Add.


Step 2: To clear a project’s department assignments, in the Check Departments to assign selections to section, select Clear Assignments & Selections.


This project’s department assignments are cleared.


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