AP Release Notes: December 4, 2020


Automated Invoice Assignment

Progress has been made on our next feature release which is Automated Invoice Assignment (AIA), as an extension of our Invoice Capture feature that allows invoices to be assigned using other invoice data and parameters.

Currently, Invoice Capture only allows the assignment of invoices using either a single user or the Unassigned Invoice Queue. AIA will allow clients to use other invoice data such as vendor names, currency types, user name, etc. to assign invoices to any user in the application with Enter Invoice rights. The feature is being developed using the Custom Export Builder as an example so that it will be familiar and easy to use to end users.

Rule Management Page


Rule Creation Page


These are the preliminary pages and are still undergoing development.

Company Data Export

In our efforts to fix some issues in the Company Data Export (CDE) it was determined there was some new development that was necessary. Work has started in those areas of adding in a new FTP directory and getting page updates ready for that as well as page updates to the CDE pages to bring them into alignment with the new direction the export will take.

Bug Fix Notes



CAP-3921 | Unable to set ERP in the AdminSite

An issue was found in our internal administration site that companies without an ERP set could no longer have one set. This has been corrected.

CAP-3916 | Vendor Emails Not Working Post Deploy - Staging & PROD

An issue was found after our last sprint deployment/release where vendor emails were not being sent out for POs. This was fixed approx. 15 min post deployment. 

CAP-3913 | EE Approval Email: Invoice: Line items are missing

This was purely an internal issue and was fixed prior to our release.

CAP-3887 | EE: Invoice approval: Line item: The Allocation Total is wrong. The currency of the Price and Total should match with the root department's currency

An issue was found where we were not adequately representing base company currencies in the new enhanced approval emails. This has been corrected and both company and departmental currencies are now displayed.

CAP-3885 | EE Approval Email: There should be one set of Approve and Disapprove buttons in the email body. 

An issue was found in allocated transactions when the enhanced email approval went out there would be two sets of line items and two sets of approval buttons if one person was the approver for multiple depts in the allocation. 

CAP-3864 | AR unable to view full REQ archive

An issue was reported where Accounting Reviewers were not seeing all transactions in the Requisition Archives they should. This has been corrected.

CAP-3860 | RESEARCH: IsManualCheck/ManualCheck not exporting in CEB

An issue was found where invoices with manual checks defined were not able to export in the Custom Export Builder. This has been corrected.

CAP-3776 | Transactions Inbox : Accounting Review Line Item Comments Not Storing in the Database

An issue was found where unlike other approval line item comment types the accounting review comments were not storing correctly in the database. This has been corrected.

CAP-2805 | Setup Utility : Filter Sole Root Admin Users from Losing Administrator Permission

An issue was found where if an administrator included themselves in the Users & Permissions upload and removed their own administrator permission they could lock themselves out of a company. This has been corrected.


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