Release Notes: December 4, 2020


Pre-Approval - Spend Tracker


The Spend Tracker, part of the Pre-Approval workflow, visualizes the user’s spend against the pre-approved amount from the spend request.

Once a spend request is linked to an expense report, the Spend Tracker will automatically appear at the top of the user’s expense report.

The Spend Tracker is available for both Lump Sum and Itemized spend requests. When an Itemized spend request is linked to an expense report, the user will be able to expand the Spend Tracker to see a breakdown of spend by expense type.


The Spend Tracker currently tracks any expense in the expense report which is one of the following expense types:

  • Cash Expense (Miscellaneous)
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Rentals
  • Travel

From the approval perspective, the approver will see the same Spend Tracker, attached to the expense report.


Using the Spend Tracker, the approver will know right away if the user spent more than what they were approved for, and by how much.

If the approver elects to disapprove or edit the expenses, the Spend Tracker will update accordingly, bringing the user under their budget.


For further information on Pre-Approval, view these Help Center articles:

Custom Report Builder - Hours


A column has been added to the Custom Report Builder to return the number of hours entered for a particular expense. This only applies to expenses using the Hourly Rate expense type.

Direct Travel Receipt Integration

We’ve made enhancements to the Direct Travel receipt integration that allows receipts to be sent from additional Direct Travel email addresses.




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