AP Release Notes: November 20, 2020


Enhanced Email Approvals - Line Item Details

We found early in the development process of Enhanced Email Approvals that line item details in those emails would make the feature more useful. This has now been completed and released!

Now, when you receive your approval emails with Enhanced Email Approvals turned on, you will see all the line item detail to review before making an approval decision. 


Now you will see those line item details along with a side-to-side scroll bar to go over all the related fields of data presented. This will empower approvers to make fully educated approval decisions right from their emails or mobile device.

Vendor PO Attachments

You will now see the addition of a PDF attachment of a PO form to our vendor PO emails that we send out from the application to place orders. You will see this in all POs generated moving forward that are emailed to your vendors.

The attached PDF will follow your selected PO layout (minimal, standard, or extended) as well as contain any customizations your PO form has in the application.



We hope this improves your vendor experience when working with POs from the application.

Export Builder - Requisition Approval Line Item Comments

We have added Requisition Approval Line Item Comments as the first of a number of releases coming for the Approval Line Item Comments Export.

As an approver you may enter line item level comments on each transaction details. These comments are stored but were not exportable previously. Now you may start to add these line item approval comments to your invoice exports.


They may be added in your export templates under the Data Field export column type. Now if this column is added an approver’s line item comments as they approved a requisition will export with the appropriate line. Be on the lookout in upcoming releases for the following:

  • Packing List Approval Line Item Comments
  • Invoice Approval Line Item Comments
  • Accounting Review Line Item Comments


Bug Fix Notes



CAP-3844 | EE: 2nd approver cannot approve/disapprove requisition/invoice via Email

An issue was found where serial approvers were having issues when approving or disapproving via email. This has been corrected.

CAP-3761 | EEA: Invoices UAD's action via email case an error

An issue was found where approval delegates were receiving an incorrect error during email approvals and has been corrected.

CAP-3749 | EEA: REQ SAF UAD's action via email is not updating the status

An issue was found where the approval status was not updating correctly in all scenarios when approval delegates were using email approvals. This has been corrected.

CAP-3734 | EE: Approver and Delegate can approve and disapprove the same requisition 

An issue was found where a SAf approver and a delegate approver could both approve or disapprove the same transaction after one or the other had already done so. This has been corrected.

CAP-3705 | Missing some depts in the ConfigProjects.aspx

An issue was found where all depts were not displaying correctly when assigning dept/project restrictions. This has been corrected.

CAP-3636 | RESEARCH - PO import: Allocated  products are displayed separately in the PL   

An issue was found in PO Imports where allocated line items were displaying individually instead of as a single line in Packing Lists also being imported. This has been corrected,


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