Release Notes: June 23, 2017


GSA/CPD Per Diem Enhancements

GSA and CPD Per Diem expenses now have the Split Expense option available. The Split Expense option is available for Per Diem Reimbursable types GSA/CPD Amount and GSA/CPD Expense Amount Capped.

Like other expenses, use the Other Actions menu on a current expense line to use the Split Expense function.  


Certify Travel Training

A monthly Certify Travel training has been added to our permanent Training Camp calendar. Registration is open! 

Certify Help Center

The Knowledge Base has been improved and restructured to optimize our users' needs. 

Some of the major updates to our new Help Center include:

  • Simplified navigation for first-time users
  • Links to live trainings and training videos from the main page
  • Updates to the articles allowing for much easier searching

Happy browsing!

Read-Only Visual Enhancements

A few visual enhancements have been made to read-only expenses to more clearly show when a field is read-only or not. 

1. The Reimbursable field clearly cannot be edited when Read-only Credit Card Expenses are enabled:


2. In an Editable Inquiry, the Read-only fields are more clearly presented:


3. In an non-editable inquiry, all fields are clearly Read-only, including expense category-specific fields, such as Check-in and Check-out for lodging expenses: 



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