Editing Rental Car Policy Details


Within Certify Travel, you'll find several settings to enforce your rental car travel policy. This article explains your different options as well as how to edit your settings. 

Step 1: From the Certify homepage, select Travel, and select then Search & Book Travel.


Step 2: Select Travel Policy from the left panel. 


Step 3: Select the applicable policy to edit. 


Step 4: Scroll to the Car Rental Policy section and enter your settings. Click Save at the bottom. 


Maximum Daily Rate: dollar limit for a rental car, per day.

Largest Permitted Car Type: highest car class that can be booked. 

Preferred Vendors Only: whether travelers should only book with your preferred rental car vendors. 

Maximum Rate Above Lowest Logical: the "lowest logical" rate is the most logical rate for that specific rental - taking into account the locations, car types, and time of year. This is how much you would allow a traveler to book over that amount. 

Minimum Car Size to Consider: restricts the lowest class of car someone can book. 

Navigation Units: whether you permit travelers to add GPS devices when picking up their car. 

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