Adding Optional Billing Fields for Travel Bookings


Within Certify Travel, Optional Billing Fields can be used to require travelers to enter other details you may need for the trip. For example, identifying a cost center, reason for the trip, or project code. This article shows you, an administrator, how to add optional billing fields. 

Please Note: The maximum amount of fields is six, which combines both Optional Billing Fields and Employee ID fields

Step 1: From the Certify homepage, select Travel, and select then Search & Book Travel.


Step 2: Select Company Settings in the left panel. 


Step 3: Scroll to the Optional Billing Fields section. Click Add New Optional Billing Field.


Step 4: Add the Field Name, decide if the options should be pre-set (a drop down menu) or free-text, and if the field is mandatory or optional. Click Save


Step 5: The new field will now be saved.obf_4.jpg

It will show on the Book Your Flight screen, right before the traveler books their trip. 

Please Note: Optional Billing Fields can also be set per travel policy within the Travel Policy section in the left panel.


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