Adding Travel Employee ID Fields


The Employee ID Fields in Certify Travel can be utilized for specific information that needs to be tied to the traveler. This is information that does not change per trip, but is assigned to the person. For example, their own employee ID number or cost center. 

This article shows you, an administrator, how to add Employee ID Fields.

Please Note: The maximum amount of fields is six, which combines both Employee ID fields and Optional Billing Fields.

Step 1: From the Certify homepage, select Travel, and select then Search & Book Travel.


Step 2: Select Company Settings from the left panel. 


Step 3: Scroll to the Employee ID Fields section. Click Add New Employee ID Field.


Step 4: Add the Field Name and decide if the options should be pre-set (a drop down menu) or free-text. Click Add


Step 5: The new field will now be saved. It can be viewed when reporting. 



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