Editing Receipts & Expenses in the Wallet


The Certify Wallet is where all receipts and expenses are stored before being added to an expense report. Details are presented from manual entry, or Certify OCR ReceiptParse technology. 

Occasionally, you may need to edit item details in your Wallet if they are incorrect. This article shows you how to edit items within the Certify Wallet.

Please Note: Your organization may restrict imported credit card expenses as read-only, and those expenses may not be able to be changed.

Step 1: On your account homepage, select More Items under My Certify Wallet.


Step 2: Click View Details to expand details for all rows, or an individual arrow to expand a single row to the detailed view. 


Step 3: Click Edit Item for the specific receipt line. 


Step 4: All fields will be available for changes. Make your edits and click Save.


After clicking Edit Item, Certify will also prompt if any required details are missing, similar to using the Cleanup Wizard.


Step 5: New edits will be available in the Certify Wallet




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  • Avatar
    Rene Legazpi

    How can I remove the image that does not correspond to the expense?

  • Avatar
    Allison Dickey

    Hello Rene,

    We have reached out to you through email to gather more information.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Rachael Walther

    I have the same question as Rene. I have a receipt linked to an incorrect purchase and I'm unsure of how to remove it.

  • Avatar
    Kaley O'Hara

    Hi Rachael, This depends on where the expense in question is located: on a draft expense report, on a pending approval report, or on a processed report. We have reached out to you via email to gather additional information.
    - Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Jon King

    I have the same issue as Rene and Kaley. I have my certified wallet opened up. I uploaded receipts to it. The purchase shows for a Home Depot? and the receipt linked up to it is my receipt for a lunch totally different amount

  • Avatar
    Jillian McLeod-Tardiff

    Hi Jon,

    If an incorrect receipt has been merged to an expense, I recommend toggling the Merge Items button at the top of the page to OFF. You can then add your expense to your Draft and link your receipt to it manually. You could also edit the receipt or expense using the instructions in this article to reflect the correct info. We will reach out to you directly to provide further instructions.
    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Sam Youngs

    The function where you can edit the receipt description from the wallet (without clicking "edit item" is broken. When I press "enter" after editing, all fields are grayed out to prevent editing, but the changes are never saved.

    Edited by Sam Youngs
  • Avatar
    Jennifer Richardson

    Hi Sam,

    We are currently looking into this issue and will follow up with you via email with more information.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Siddharth Mehrotra

    hi Team,

    Can we edit / upload new image(as a supporting) in the submitted expense report, asked by someone.


  • Avatar
    Allison Dickey

    Hi Sid,
    We have sent an email to you so that we can gather some more information.
    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Laurie Williams

    Hopefully, this will help.

    You can delete the image by selecting, Change, when you are in Edit mode

  • Avatar

    I am trying to add the receipt ti a company CC that pulls in from a statement???? I can do it manually but when i do that the import will not go away...

  • Avatar
    Kamara McGlorn

    Hello Susan,

    You do have the option to link a receipt to an imported expense manually or using the Link Receipts wizard. I will follow up with you via email for additional information.

    -Certify Support