Release Notes: March 17, 2017


SpotHero Integration

Certify has partnered with parking app SpotHero to make your parking expenses even easier. 

Starting today, you can reserve, pre-pay and expense your parking by selecting Certify on your SpotHero business profile.

By selecting Certify and using your Certify email address, SpotHero receipts will automatically forward to your Certify Wallet. 


Date Check on Manual Receipt Additions

On the expense report screen, users have direct access to their Certify Wallet to add more receipts  onto the expense report. We call this view the the "mini-Wallet." Certify can now check if the receipt fits within the report's date range parameters when a receipt is added from the mini-Wallet.

If the receipt is outside of the report's date range, an error message will appear. 

Please contact your Account Manager for if you're interested in activating this feature. 



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