Release Notes: December 1, 2017


My Certify Wallet - UI Enhancement

After using Edit Item to update a row in My Certify Wallet, users now return to the wallet at the line that was updated. The edited line is highlighted in blue for three seconds to assist with locating it on the page.

The user clicks on Edit Item and makes a change to a line item:


The page returns the user to their My Certify Wallet at the edited line, and highlights the line item in blue for three seconds:


Certify Invoice - Allocations Page Text Updates

For clarity with Certify Invoice Report and Expense Report Allocations, a few areas have been modified:

  • The section header now shows Expense and Invoice Report Allocations.


  • The first checkbox now shows Use Expense and Invoice Report Allocations.


  • The help text also includes wording for Certify Invoice.




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